1960 VBA 150


After I completed my last VBB 150 and drove it for 5 years I had a list of things I wanted to change. The VBB is a great bike but I thought I could do a better job on this time round:

  • The P200 motor was great but needed a little more power for the San Francisco hills.
  • The front drum brake stopping power and dive were both really bad.
  • The clutch cable would snap after about 6 months of use (always in the rain when I had to get somewhere fast), and was much harder to pull than a P200.
  • Premixing the gasoline/oil was a hassle.
  • Kick starting was fine...but what about an electric start bike??
  • The lighting system was great for the rear light which was directly off the battery but the headlight was still directly driven and became a flicker when the bike was idling.


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