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Vespa General Engine Work

This section is always under construction. Some sections to the right (underlined) are complete and apply to the basics of any model Vespa engine. I have recently decided to break this section up into model specific pages as I now have pictures of threee out of four main Vespa engine types. Unfotunately I did my GS150 before I had a digitial camera so currently there is no wide frame motor link. Please select an engine type below. If you are unsure of the type you have click here for a visual guide or scroll down for a basic text guide.


Wide Frame Motor
  • Wide frame motor - Most bikes prior to 1959.
  • Pre 1979 large frame motor - 1959 to late 1970s bikes
  • Post 1970s large frame motor - 1970s 200cc bikes and then including the P125 (PX125), P150 (PX150) and P200E (PX200).
  • Small frame motor - smaller capacity bikes with smaller frames and doors instead of side cowls.