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Lambretta/Vespa Tuning Manuals

There are a many books that are in and out of print that help with basic tuning of Lambretta and Vespa motor scooters. Here are some Lambretta books I have found over the years, with a brief description of the contents. Some are still for sale at Scootering Magazine's web site, but sadly most are a little out of date with the new range of performance goodies available with exception of standard conversions and gearing.

Tuning Vespas the Norrie Kerr Way 1988:

This is a very interesting book although some of the items such as exhaust power valves are a little outdated. It covers tools, bottom end tuning and port timing, very basic port work for a Malossi 210 kit, small frame barrel conversions, cylinder heads, gearing, carburation, expansion chambers, basic brakes (no disk brakes), reed valves, ignition, and power valves. It also contains formulas for different tuning applications and pictures of how to modify stock casings to accept reed valves and large barrel kits.

by Norrie Kerr - Published by Scooter & Scooterist - 88 pages

Lambretta Performance Tuning and Conversions:

This covers conversions from one smaller cc motor to a larger production model engine (ex. LI 125 to Li 150 spec), other standard barrel conversions, defines stage 1 tuning on most models, carburetors, exhaust systems, port timing, gearing, disk brakes, and has a handy gear chart in the back. It is a reproduction of an original book from the 60's so it basically deals with modifying original Lambretta barrels and does not cover any of the more modern tuning tricks like expansion chambers, barrel kits, new carbs, electronic igntion, hydraulics, etc..

by Ken Herlingshaw - Published by Scooter & Scooterist 1996 - 58 pages

Lambretta Tuning Manual:

This covers how to convert a road going bike into a race bike. It includes crankshaft modifications, flywheel modifications and igntion, pistons, standard barrels, standard cylinder heads, expansion chambers, carburation, porting, Japanese piston conversions and gearing.

by Dave Webster - Published by Scooter & Scooterist 1984 - 59 pages


Two Stroke Performance Tuning

Although this book is directed to small bikes and karts all the information is relevant to two stroke scooters. Excellent reference material to make your bike faster. It covers cylinder heads, porting, exhaust design, carburation, ignition, lubrication, and gearing.

by A. Graham Bell - Published by Haynes- Published 1983-2000. 271 pages


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