The Original 12 x 18 Calendar

printing in September 2017

The 2018 calendar will contain images form two of the top scooter photographers in the world.  Paul Hart and Christoph Gabler.  Paul and Christoph have each had their images in many publications, national and international branding campaigns and scooter specific media.

Each calendar set includes coupons and discounts to some of your favorite scooter shops.
 Discounts and coupon codes are provided to each individual who purchases a calendar at the time of purchase.  Here are some details on the bonuses included with the 2018 calendar:

disco dez scooters     Disco Dez Restorations and parts will offer

Corazzo cycle apparel  Corazzo  fine scooter apparel  will offer

scooterwest scooters   Scooterwest parts and service will offer

hodgespeed scooter repair  Hodgespeed wil offer

piston ported scooter parts  Piston Ported will offer

scooter mercato  ScooterMercato will offer

bollag.motos   Bollag Motos will offer


Each calendar set consists of 8 individual 12 x 18 posters.  Some posters cover one month and some posters cover 2 months.  The months and days are in Italian capturing the origins of these classic scooters.  The 2018 calendar set covers 14 months from November 2017 - December 2018.  Here is an example of one poster:

Each poster is printed on high gloss 120# cover text.  Suitable for hanging in the shop, the office, framing for display or setting aside as part of a collection.  The posters are numbered individually showing both the edition# and the print# for each poster.

The price of each poster set includes shipping.  When taking into account the variety of coupons and discounts the poster set is a scooterists dream.

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