Here is a great deal from Piston Ported for all you Lammie fans looking for a holiday gift idea.

Team this brake offer up with a 15% Piston Ported coupon in the Scooterhelp calendar and life is good.

PP is collecting pre-orders on hydraulic front disc brakes so that everyone can get the right combination of fork links and handlebar perch that they need.

Pre-order ends on 11/28 with an estimated arrival time of the week of 12/11.

Get your orders in now! $349.95 + shipping

scooter hydraulic brake

2018 Calendar

Discounts include:

15% off from Corazzo apparel.
corazzo scooter apparel

15% off parts ordered from Piston Ported.
piston ported scooters

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Posters currently available in the USA and UK. 

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